Anxiety and Mental Health Workshop




A large part of our society deal with plenty of stress and anxiety. Much too often do we let anxiety progress to depression without the understanding that the earlier we get things resolved, the better. We strongly encourage counseling today. We strongly encourage talking it out, instead of internalizing the issues, which usually ends in a self-destructive stress coping mechanism.



There are plenty of issues in Canada, in dealing with mental health. People have a tendency to fake that they’re fine, yet they are not. In doing this, they are being imprisoned by their mental illness.

We need to create an environment where the full truth is honoured. Unfortunately, the reality is, this is not addressed well in many families. There is a lot of stigma associated with mental health, especially in a number of shame-based cultures. 

As featured in Fr. Mario's homily, comedian Howie Mandel opens up about living with his OCD and ADHD, and addresses the stigma behind mental health.

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