Fr. Mario's Homily - Poverty and Charity Awareness

One of the major misunderstandings of stealing is that if you do not give to the poor, you steal from the poor. The expectation is not only one of the Ten Commandments, but is also one of the commandments of Jesus Christ. 

One of the difficult answers for Catholics to give is the response to the question, "Why is the Catholic church so rich?" It's important as a Catholic to know how to answer and to not be afraid in doing so. Fr. Mario explains.

Watch as Fr. Gianni Carparelli, Rose and Mario go on a mission trip to Manta, Ecuador where they visit the Passionist Sisters and assisted them in opening a beauty and sewing school for the young uneducated women and young mothers. The sisters are now in the process of building a school with help from parishioners of St. Joseph the Worker Parish, and have now opened up their first classroom. They need continuous assistance to replenish supplies and pay instructors.

August 31, 2013
St. Joseph the Worker Parish


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