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Way back in the 1980s, in a remote village in Kerala, South India, a small group of young men regularly gathered to pray. They realized that the troubles brewing up in families, society, and world in general is due to lack of peace in human hearts. Convinced that true and lasting peace comes from God and His divine word, they were seeking ways to spread the Good News of Jesus Christ. As they were praying and searching, they received a divine inspiration and a clear vision to use the modern means of communication to spread the word of God and influence the world at large. That group, under the leadership of Chevalier Benny Punnathara, responded to God's call and took a bold step in faith. Shalom ministries thus began its humble journey.

By God’s grace and with contributions from different people, Shalom has spread its wings over different ministries and different media covering all corners of the world. Shalom ministries are dedicated to preaching the word of God and teaching the truth as defined by the Catholic Church. The core team, under the leadership of Chevalier Benny Punnathara, drives all initiatives constantly seeking the advice from the church hierarchy.

The word Shalom means peace and the main goal of Shalom ministries is to bring true and lasting peace to individuals and families through prayer, guidance and spiritual messages delivered through all forms of media. Shalom Ministries also conduct regional retreats, leadership conferences, and intercessory prayers. The various initiatives of shalom ministries are supported by over 50,000 strong Shalom Peace Fellowship members through their prayers and financial contributions. Today we make true catholic message available to individuals and homes anytime, anywhere in the world through print, TV and internet.

Our Vision

We are called by God, inspired and empowered by His Divine Spirit to spread His message of faith, hope and love using all modern means of communication to bring "shalom" to everyone.

Our Mission

Spread the divine message of Jesus Christ using all modern means of communication in partnership with those who share the vision and respond to God’s inner calling.


Shalom Tidings Magazine

Shalom Tidings: An English magazine meant to instill hope in human hearts. Inspirational testimonies, stories of amazing God experiences and personal conversions make Shalom Tidings a great reading.

An excellent resource for those who struggle with faith; and those who long to learn more about the true and forgiving love of Christ. This latest publications of Shalom Media is designed to discover the true purpose of life.


Shalom MEdia

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