StJW Dominican Republic Mission 2014

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Jesus Christ commanded us to care for those in distress for He said, “Truly I tell you, whatever you did for one of the least of these brothers and sisters of Mine, you did for Me.” (Matthew 25:40) For one week, StJW Missionaries (Participants going on the Dominican republic Mission 2014 from the Parish of St. Joseph the Worker Catholic Church) will partner with the Samaritan Foundation to build sponsored homes for the poor in one of the Samaritan Foundation Villages in the Dominican Republic. The week will also consist of visiting one of their local ministries (school, orphanage, hospital, etc.) and one of the ‘completed’ villages.


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Construction work is normally in the morning while outreach and ministry programs take place in the afternoon. This is because the mornings are much cooler and therefore easier to work in physically than during the heat of the day. Since the outreach and community programs are less strenuous, they are done in the afternoons. Missionaries are free to work according to their capabilities and at their comfort level. Missionaries can opt out of certain activities if they not comfortable.



  • Mix cement, assemble cinderblocks, level ground, carry buckets of water to site, etc.

  • Sort donated goods, prepare food mix, etc.

  • Paint Walls and Metal Ceilings



  • Distribute food to people living in the garbage dump

  • Visit local school and distribute lunch

  • Distribute school supplies and toys to children

  • Play Baseball with children (Canada vs. DR)

  • Spend time with local children



         While at the Dominican Republic, StJW missionaries will be staying at one of the local resorts within close proximity to the work site. Once a travel agency is finalized and a flight + accommodation package is selected, each missionary will be responsible for booking their own flight and accommodation. Minors are to be roomed with their parent(s)/guardian(s) or their chaperone.



         Gran Ventana Beach Resort

         Playa Dorado, P.O. Box 22,

                 Puerto Plata 57000, Dominican Republic

                 +1 809-320-2111


Families engaged in mission work together can be a very fruitful learning experience. Minors (18 and under) attending are to be accompanied by their parent(s)/guardian(s). If a minor is not attending with his/her parent(s)/guardian(s), (s)he is to be accompanied by an adult chaperone of the same gender determined by his/her parent(s)/guardian(s). Parent(s)/guardian(s) are to provide a signed form giving their permission for their child to attend the mission trip.


  1. Flight and Accomodation

Note: Price for flight and accommodation will vary depending on rooming preference and time of booking.

  1. Administrative: $200.00 CDN (Transportation to the work site, afternoon activities, translators -1 for every 10 participants-, ice and purified water daily, and a visit to one of the famous local attractions during an afternoon off.)

  2. StJW T-Shirts – At several times during the mission trip, missionaries wear an StJW T-Shirt (ie. Jesus Christ Lord and Saviour T-Shirt). Each t-shirt will cost about $15; we will have a minimum of 3 t-shirts.

  3.  Petty Cash for personal expenses (Souvenirs, tips, additional services, etc).

  4. Travel Insurance: Contact your Insurance Agency for a quote. 

         It is also expected that we sponsor at least one home for a poor family. $4,000 U.S. will provide a modest brick house for a needy family that will keep them dry all through the year and protect them from not only unwelcomed intruders but also from unwanted rodents, snakes and other undesirable visitors; a place where they can feel safe and warm, to grow and develop into the citizens of tomorrow, citizens with hope and possibilities.

         As a group, we will fundraise to meet the following goals

  1. Sponsor one house per 4 to 5 missionaries.

  2. Sponsor one of the following projects:

    • FEED THE CHILDREN in Villa Ascension with Bill & Donna Reimer of Dominican Feed The Kids. Three mornings a week they offer a hot lunch to as many as 250 hungry children and you can assist some of the local volunteers in serving this meal. Following the lunch you can help clean up and then play with the children outside if you wish.

  • VISIT A SCHOOL in either villa Esperanza, villa Emmanuel (Nest of Love), villa Nazareth or villa Paraiso to share a talent or participate in games or sports at recess time. A light lunch will be provided by the Samaritan Foundation but prepared and distributed by your team to the children. If you wish to provide a lesson or activity, please provide all supplies necessary for the activity.

  • BIBLE DRAMA - During non school weeks, a children’s juice program can be held at a local church where the team will prepare and participate in telling Bible stories through dramas, songs or other means. Translators will be available to help you make the most of your experience. The children will receive a snack provided by the Samaritan Foundation at the end of the program and if the team desires to contribute a small gift to them. 150?200 children on average will attend depending on the location.

  • MOVIE NIGHT IN A VILLAGE: The team will go into the community and invite people to attend a movie shown in the local church, one evening during their stay. We have the “Jesus” film and various other Christian children’s movies in Spanish available to choose from. There will be opportunity for testimonies and discussions using our excellent translators if you wish at the end of the evening.

  • CHURCH IN THE WOODS: Every Friday morning provides an unique opportunity to worship in nature with local Dominican and Haitian believers near Villa Esperanza and Los Algodones. Proper dress is required: long pants or long shorts for men and skirts for women.

  • FEED A VILLAGE: Spread the blessings throughout an entire village by providing a food hamper for each family. The visiting team will assemble assorted food items into family sized bags and distribute them to each home in partnership with the local pastor. Approximate cost for this program is between $1,500. ? $2,000. depending on the size of the village where the distribution takes place. This also works well in conjunction with the movie night but is not a requirement. The purchasing of the food for this distribu? tion is not included in the initial $200.00 per person management fee but is in addition.


         The weather varies greatly depending on the time of year; this is the general rule of thumb.

  • February through May: High 20’s C (80F?87F)

  • June through October: Mid 30’s C to low 40’s C (87F ? 102F)

  • November through January: Mid 20’s C (75F?80F)


7:00 AM – 7:45 AM – Breakfast at the Resort

8:00 AM – Depart for Work Site

8:30 AM – 12:00 PM – Construction work

12:00 PM – 1:00 PM – Lunch

1:00 PM – 2:30 PM – Outreach Visits

3:00 PM – Return to Resort

6:00 PM – Dinner Together


         No immunizations are required to enter the Dominican Republic. Make an appointment with your Family Doctor and/or Travel Doctor to see if they recommend anything for your trip. Make an appointment ASAP as some immunizations require a series of shots. Inform your doctor of the following information:

  • One week trip to the Dominican Republic.

  • Will be spending time outside of the Resort doing mission and construction work.

  • Possible exposure to locals including children and elderly.

  • Ask for suggestions for what to eat / what to avoid, etc.


         A mid week or trip ending activity is a nice way to either unwind, take a break from the regular schedule or just wrap up an exciting week of busy activities and work. Here are just a few ideas that you may want to consider for an afternoon off to enjoy a relaxing change. Though the transportation to these various places and activities is included in your program fees, the activity costs themselves are not included.

  • TAKE A CABLE CAR RIDE UP MOUNT ISABEL DE TORRES IN PUERTO PLATA: Stroll through lush tropical gardens where pine trees co?exist with the traditional tropical flora. Also, you may visit fort San Felipe located on the Malecon at the mouth of the Puerto Plata harbor. Cost for both is: $12. Each

  • VISIT SOSUA’S NEWEST ATTRACTION: MONKEY JUNGLE ZIP LINE ADVENTURES. Group rates are approx. $50 ? $60. per person which includes a visit to their 2 1⁄2 acre monkey jungle with real live monkeys. For the less adventurous types you can visit the monkey jungle only for $20. each. All proceeds fund a local medical and dental clinic for the poor.




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