What's your love language?

The Five Love Languages: A Brief Synopsis

The basic concept of the five love languages as defined by Gary Chapman is that people communicate and feel love in different ways. Dr. Chapman has observed five different categories in which people communicate or understand love.

Humans all need each of these different things, but typically there is one that really speaks to an individual heart. Without our primary need, none of the others in any combination will suffice.
  1. Physical Touch - this person feels love when others touch them lovingly.
  2. Acts of Service - this person feels love when others help them out or serve them.
  3. Words of Affirmation - this person feels love when others verbally approve or affirm them.
  4. Quality Time - this person feels love when others spend time with them.
  5. Gifts - this person feels love when others give them thoughtful things.
How to figure out what your primary language is:
  1. How did you know your parents loved you, what did they do that made you know you were loved? That is probably your love language.
  2. When you think about experiences, particularly with your spouse, that have really hurt or cut you to the core, what were they? The opposite is probably your love language.
  3. What do you do when you want to show someone you love them? That's probably your love language.

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Several times a year, the Apostles of our Blessed Mother run the LOL (Languages Of Love) Workshop for married couples in the Parish. Be on the lookout for the next workshop!


The Five Languages of Love

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