Frequently Asked Questions


  1. If two people of the same sex really love each other and are willing to stay faithful for life, why can't they get married?
  2. Abstinence until marriage is pointless if I'm gay, because we can't get married. So what are we expected to do?
  3. What causes homosexuality? If it's genetic, is it okay to be gay if you're born that way?
  4. Interview: Coming Out of the Gay Lifestyle
  5. Recently, I've been attracted to some other guys at my high school. I haven't told anyone yet because I don't even understand what's going on in me. I love God, but I'm scared and I don't know what to do. Any advice?
  6. Considering that 10% of the population is gay, don't you think the Church just needs to get with it?
  7. I go to an all-guys school, and my friends and I sometimes make fun of effeminate guys. Is that wrong?
  8. How can people say that homosexuality isn't natural?
  9. If ten percent of animals are homosexual, how can it not be natural for some humans to be born that way as well?
  10. What's wrong with gay couples adopting kids?
  11. If homosexual marriages are legal, can a gay couple get married?
  12. Considering that a third of all teen suicides are gays, why can't people just accept them for who they are?
  13. What is the Courage Apostolate?
  14. What are the Five Goals of Courage?
  15. What is Chastity?
  16. What are the twelve steps of Courage?
  17. What is the EnCourage Apostolate?
  18. Why doesn't Courage use the terms "gay" and "lesbian"?
  19. Why are homosexual attractions considered "objectively disordered"? Isn't that a harsh term?
  20. Does Courage force it's members to try to change their orientation?