Frequently Asked Questions

The Mystery of the Trinity

  1. Please explain the Holy Trinity in plain English to me so I can explain to a friend of another faith. I have looked up the Trinity, and it is difficult to understand and explain.
  2. Was the Trinity ever contemplated, expected, imagined, prophesied, or talked about before the time of Christ?
  3. Can we understand the Trinity better since we have the writings of Aquinas to help us?
  4. Why didn't God reveal himself as a Trinity in the Old Testament?
  5. If Jesus was God, why did he pray?
  6. How can we use Scripture to show the Holy Spirit proceeds from the Father and the Son?
  7. Is the Holy Spirit God?
  8. How are We to Understand the Word Persons?as Used in the Doctrine of the Trinity?
  9. Why do some Christians believe in a Trinity? I never read where Jesus or Paul spoke of such a doctrine.
  10. What are some Trinitarian Heresies and what does the Church actually teach?
  11. Why do Catholics believe that God is three Persons, called the Holy Trinity? How can God be three Persons and still be one God?
  12. Why do Catholics believe that Jesus Christ was God the Son--the Second Person of the Holy Trinity? Would it not be more reasonable to believe that He was a great and holy man... a religious leader of exceptional talent and dedication... a prophet?
  13. If the Son is "eternally begotten" of the Father, then how can he also be born of Mary?
  14. What does St. Thomas Aquinas teach about the Trinity? - Part 1: A Relationship of knowledge and love
  15. What does St. Thomas Aquinas teach about the Trinity? - Part 2: A Model for Relationships
  16. What does St. Thomas Aquinas teach about the Trinity? - Part 3: The Secret of Happiness
  17. What does St. Augustine teach about the Trinity?
  18. What does the Bible teach about the Trinity?
  19. Is there only one God?
  20. Is "God" plural?