Vlad G. Mamaradlo

Lay Pastoral Assistant

Vlad was born on a warm summer's night in San Carlos City in the Philippines. The first 8 years of his life was spent in this rural landscape after which he arrived with his parents to Canada.

He quickly earned the title, 'Bible Boy' from his Grade 4 colleagues as he was heard in recess spouting Scripture by heart. From then on, he cultivated what appeared to be a natural aptitude to all things religious.

His studies led him to pursue a Bachelor's Degree with a specialist in Christianity and Culture at St. Michael's College, and a Master's Degree in Divinity and Licentiate in Sacred Theology at the Jesuit-run Regis College, both at the University of Toronto.

He hopes one day to write a book, complete the Camino and become a cartoon superhero, perhaps all at once.

When not planning a retreat, training teachers or preparing for a fundraiser, Vlad can be found enjoying a nice meal with friends, buried behind a good book or at home watching reruns of Law and Order, Criminal Minds and the Simpsons.

Favourite Verse:

"Be joyful in hope, patient in suffering, faithful in prayer." (Romans 12:12)

Greatest Invention Ever:

The Scroll

Favourite Band:


Actor To Play Me In A Movie:

Kelsey Grammer


Roadtrips, Reading, Family time, Watching documentaries.

Alter Ego:

Indiana Jones

The Team

Father Mario Salvadori


Vlad G. Mamaradlo

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